Plastics Recycling

Our lay Dominican community has extensive background in the recycling industry. In fact, our for-profit corporation in Evansville, Indiana Cardinal, takes post-industrial plastic scrap from various corporations and converts it into a usable product for various markets.

Our goal is to utilize this expertise to economically support all apostolates of the Servants of the Redemptor. Our desire is to educate/teach, as well as develop an economic strategy in which all Christians can participate in order to further these endeavors. The primary aspect is to take this means into each state so as to help the Ordinary, wherever we are invited, and to be politically active in stemming the tide of Communism in our Church as well as our state.

The resources available are vast. However, the network to sort and accumulate, and make usable, have been problematic because the proper use of the Church, and its authority, have not been utilized/tapped into. Our goal is to begin solving the problem of recycling plastic waste while utilizing TRUE sustainable ??? for the ecclesiastic.

To develop the means of sustaining our apostolate while accomplishing what we’re about. So solving an economic problem and turning it into a viable solution for the environment as well as the Church.

We have a vast amount of resources that are being thrown away. And what we are trying to do is created a means, and utilize resources, in a way that can build up and enhance our society, rather than pollute our environment.

So if you have plastic waste, here’s who to call.