Priestly Fraternity of St. Dominic

There are certain diocesan priests who, urged by supernatural grace, discern a call to enroll in the Order of Saint Dominic and profess a rule of perfection suited to their state. In professing the Rule of Saint Dominic, these priests become true sons of Saint Dominic and sharers in the grace and mission of the Order.

Purity Medal on Blue
Dominic Medals

Dominic Medals is an apostolate of the Servants of the Redemptor, and as members of the Lay Fraternity of St. Dominic, we are working for the propagation and fulfillment of the fifth Marian Dogma through the carrying of the Purity Medal. To learn more or purchase a Purity Medal, please visit

Order of Penance of St. Dominic

Do you want to perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy for the salvation of souls? Join us in contemplating the life of Christ through the daily recitation of the Rosary. Celebrate the first week of each month in honor of the Holy Family. Join together for Mass and prayers to strengthen our community and build the kingdom of God.

Six Local Clergy Join The Dominican Order’s Priestly Fraternity

Without changing their status as diocesan priests and permanent deacons of the Diocese of Evansville, six members of the local clergy made their profession on November 15 in the private oratory at Indiana Cardinal as members of the Dominican Order. Two more will follow shortly.

Fathers Jim Koressel, Jack Durchholz, John Pfister and Jeff Read, along with permanent deacons Tom Goebel and Tom Kempf finished a year-long novitiate formation program and made their profession as Dominicans in the Priestly Fraternities of St. Dominic. Following shortly will be Deacon Franco Cottrell of the Louisville Diocese and Deacon John McMullen.

Stream Prayer and Mass

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Services are held in the Upper Room, which is our Dominican Private Oratory, located in Evansville, Indiana. We livestream each of our services and past services can be seen here.